Economic Development

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Economic development strategic planning


Whether your community or organization needs a strategic plan to drive overall economic development or help with retaining your existing businesses and recruiting to fill gaps and stem revenue leakage, LCG is your trusted partner to drive growth through effective planning.

Downtown development / Main Street programming


With our experience in operating the Main Street model, LCG can help your community organize around the Four Points approach. From neighborhood evaluation to placemaking to volunteer and elected leader involvement to work plan development, we’ll give you the confidence to dream big, knowing you can execute and achieve the vision.

Fiscal impact analysis for residential and commercial development


Fiscal impact analysis involves pulling together revenue and service delivery cost projections to estimate the initial 20-year impact of a proposed residential, commercial, or mixed-use development on your municipality’s bottom line. At LCG, our Vicennium FIAT product gives elected bodies the information they need to make data-driven decisions that include all relevant factors.

Community vision planning, charettes, and community conversation facilitation

The most important part of planning is engaging and getting input from all stakeholders in your community or organization. The team at LCG excels in planning and facilitating these community conversations and turning the results into actionable intelligence for you. As unbiased partners and listeners, we can root out and identify the truly important issues and help you effectively plan to address them.

American Rescue Plan Act planning and compliance


The opportunities presented to municipalities and county governments through the American Rescue Plan Act are significant. With the release of the Final Rule by the U.S. Department of Treasury in January 2022, we now have much more clarity on what types of expenses are and are not allowed under the Act. At LCG, we have experience helping governments plan for the use of ARPA funds to ensure that they remain in compliance with all requirements of the Act while maximizing the reach of these funds and the benefit to their communities as we recover from the pandemic.