Business Operations

The Challenge

Your business or organization is great at delivering products, programs, and services to serve others. But to achieve true operational efficiency and effectiveness, your business infrastructure must be excellent as well.


The Solution

Lisle Consulting Group offers an array of customizable, scalable back office services that can grow along with your business or nonprofit, providing the support you need so you can continue to achieve operational excellence. Our services are available on an hourly, project, or retainer basis.


How LCG Can Help


Traditional Back Office Services



LCG offers a range of services, from basic bookkeeping and check writing to financial reporting and full charge accounting, depending on your organization’s needs. We can also provide tools and support for your annual and long-range budgeting processes.


Human Resources

LCG provides basic and advanced HR services, including recruiting, screening, and vetting job candidates; payroll management; PTO/leave tracking; and benefits coordination. We also offer services such as development or revision of personnel policy manuals.


Information Technology

The backbone of growing, thriving organizations is a robust IT function. From basic server management to more complex IT arrangements, LCG can help your organization create the network it needs to sustain essential operations and provide room for growth.


Expanded Operational Services



Your ability to get your message across to a variety of audiences matters. LCG offers a suite of communications support services, including press release templates, website development and updating, and social media campaigns. Additionally, we can provide or support regular email engagement with your key constituent groups, including donors, prospects, and volunteers.


Resource Development

Do you need someone to manage your fundraising efforts? LCG experts can provide assistance with grant writing, proposal development, and event planning. We can assist in developing customer relationship management databases, outreach programs, and major gift/planned/estate giving efforts.


Interim Executive Leadership

Unplanned leadership transitions at the executive or senior management level can be debilitating, causing your organization to lose momentum, experience decreased employee morale, or miss critical growth opportunities. With our breadth of experience in nonprofit administration, LCG is uniquely suited to offer interim leadership services while your nonprofit recruits its next key executive.


Organizational Development Services



Solid planning is a critical element in the success of your organization—annual operating plans, financial forecasting, long-range strategic planning, even succession planning. LCG can provide the tools and expertise you need to engage the appropriate stakeholders and plan effectively for your organization’s future.


Board Development

As a growing nonprofit, you need an effective, knowledgeable board to provide governance and resource development assistance. Your organization’s success is heavily influenced by the skill and knowledge of its board of directors. At LCG, we can foster board success through an effective board member recruitment process and individual- and group-level board member development and training.


Executive Mentoring and Coaching

Organizational development includes building the leadership capacity of young and new executives. Short-term mentoring and coaching can be a vital part of your organization’s overall leadership development strategy. LCG offers support for your organization’s future by helping your executive leadership—individual or team—develop strategic perspective, strengthen decision-making, and increase understanding of how their personal mission, vision, and values drive organizational growth.