About Us

Lisle Consulting Group (LCG) was established in 2021 by Mike Lisle, a veteran of more than two decades in nonprofit administration and state and local government work. As someone with experience on both the grantmaking and operations sides, Mike recognized that many small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations struggled to position themselves to receive sustained philanthropic investment. In some cases, they weren’t able to demonstrate a solid grasp of their organization’s financials. In other cases, they struggled to articulate a strategic plan or direction. In virtually all cases, they had a small but dedicated staff and a group of dependable volunteers who knew how to get things done. But the challenges they faced made it difficult to attract ongoing philanthropic attention.

Through LCG, Mike set out to help these small and medium-sized nonprofits even the odds by demystifying basic financial reporting and facilitating the development of long-range strategic plans that involved staff, key volunteer leaders, and other stakeholders. Helping organizations develop not only these basic tools but the consistent ability to update the tools for themselves was the initial aim of LCG.

As Mike and LCG began to serve clients, it quickly became apparent that there was a role for the business in helping to develop and support entrepreneurs in the private sector as well. Through our work in leading both private and nonprofit sector entrepreneurs through professional development activities such as the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation’s FastTrac program, LCG has carved out an essential niche for capacity building to support business operations in both sectors.

What makes LCG unique is our leadership’s experience in economic development. In both the nonprofit and government sectors, Mike has led economic development efforts that have produced results. His experience allows him to assist communities with a variety of activities, including strategic planning, community visioning, downtown development, fiscal impact analysis for residential and commercial development, and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) planning and compliance. As the deadline for completing ARPA plans approaches in December 2024, LCG stands ready to help municipalities of all sizes wrap up their planning and begin implementation of these important projects.